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Wyndham Theatre Company has been entertaining audiences in Melbourne's West for 50 years!

Our History

50 Years of Quality Community Theatre 

The Wyndham Theatre Company has a rich history in Wyndham spanning 50 years starting 1968.

Originally the idea of an amateur theatre group in Werribee was an idea proposed by members of a local book club. Their first production was a one-act play performed for the Werribee Lions Club at the Centenary Hall (now redeveloped as the Wyndham Cultural Centre) the play ì Festival Nightmare was directed by Mr. Jan Tulen, in 1968.

We have produced 130 productions included 2500 cast and crew, entertained 25,000 local residents

We have invested around $500,000 locally in the productions.

From 1974 our home was the theatre at Werribee Park. We shared the dressing room with possums but the theatre was comfortable and had a great atmosphere. The patrons were often treated to a sherry on arrival, and encouraged to buy the usual raffle ticket.

The loss of Werribee Park as a venue was a blow to the Company, but the newly built Tattersall's Theatre in the Wyndham Cultural Centre (WCC) was an exciting addition to Werribee and opened up new opportunities for the company. The Theatre Company contributed to the establishment of the Green Room with a donation of $10000. We had the privilege of holding the first full production in the Theatre. Jesus Christ Superstar.

We performed all of our productions in the Tattersall's theatre until 2007.


While WTC has a good connection with WCC, it is cost prohibitive so WTC has had to seek out use of other venues.

We currently have 4 Life members Peter Ross, Elizabeth Ross, Pam Tullen, and Alan Thompson.

Our History

Our mission is to develop a thriving community theatre in Wyndham through exciting and challenging experiences in a welcoming and supportive environment.

Values statement

  • Community: grow and share with our community. Value and nurture partnerships.

  • Creativity: value the creative process, not just the end result. Allow innovation and out-side-the-box thinking.

  • Learning: inspire growth, skills and understanding.

  • Inclusive: Value diversity, acceptance and inclusion.

  • Sustainability: grow our audience and members. Financial stability, Good Governance. 

Company Bio

Wyndham Theatre Company is an amateur community theatre company that is an incorporated not-for-profit organisation. we are based in Wynhdam and operate from and have access to a number of venues. Our main performance space at the moment is Crossorads Hall (corner of Synnot street and Duncans Road). We have a strong connection with the Wyndham Cultural Centre and at times use that as a performance space.

We are a non-denominational group who have been running for 50 years as at 2018. Our main goal is to find a home for the company.

Our Mission
Company bio

Our Mission Statement


President: Alan Thompson

Vice President:  

Secretary: Alan Thompson (Temp)


Alan Thompson (Temp)

Committee Members:

Margaret Hammon

Pam Maher

Ric MacInerney

Vicki Russell


Support group

Social Media: Kaylee Rossetto 

General Member: Matthew Barry

Life Member:  Peter Ross

Life Member:   Elizabeth Ross

Essence Productions:   Alaine Beek

Creative Support

Our Theatres

Our theatres

Crossroads Theatre

The Crossroads Theatre seats 100 and is an ideal venue for smaller plays and comedies, it's what amateur theatre is about. The theatre is part of the historic Crossroads Uniting Church complex located at the corner of Synott St and Duncans Rd. Refer to the current productions tab for ticketing details for individual productions.



Wyndham Cultural Centre

Located on Watton St. 

The Wyndham Cultural Centre is a literal arts hub, Providing a platform for Australia’s finest production companies and independent artists.


Our Partners


Crossroads Uniting Church



Essence productions

Essence Productions_logo.jpg

Wyndham City Council


Arts Assist

Wyndham Arts Banner.jpg
Our Partners
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