Show Dates: 29th & 30th May 2020

(Please Note you only have to attend one of the audition dates)

Audition Dates: 22nd Feb (2-4pm) & 25th Feb (7-9pm) 2020, Crossroads Theatre (Cnr of Synnot st and Duncans Rd, Werribee 3030)
The Plays We Are Casting

The Descent - by Elle Parkinson

Hoarder - by Samantha Napier

Punched - by Kerry Drum

The Farcical Exhibition Of Hovel and Hume - by Megan J Riedl

The Swanry Story - by Jonathon Simpson &
 Mitchell Sholer


A Voice from the Past - by Jonathon Simpson

The Bed Method - by Michael Olsen

The Magenta Revenge - by Michael Olsen

Why am I a Fish? - by Dylan Van Den Berg


Synopsis of the Plays

Synopsis: A family try to find a way to deal with the past so they can move on from the situation that has been holding them back


The Descent 
Synopsis: A woman is arrested following the death of her children, but is she guilty of their murder?


The Swanry Story   
Synopsis: An absurd comedy in which our hero(?) Henry one day wakes up as a swan. A fairy tale with a twist well suited to big performers not afraid to be the butt of the joke.


Synopsis: Bisto, arrested for fighting at a funeral, justifies his actions while he waits for his mug shot.


Why Am I A Fish?
Synopsis: Tom has confided in his best friend, Fish, for most of his life. But now, as he packs his suitcase to start a new life somewhere else, he won't tell Fish why. Secrets from the past are brought to the fore as Fish tries to convince Tom that he doesn't need to change in order to 'fit in'.


The Farcical Exhibition Of Hovel and Hume
Synopsis: 1824. Hamilton Hume and William Hovell set out to find an inland route from Sydney to Port Phillip. Considered a fine match, the two headstrong men become bitter enemies along the way.


A Voice from the Past 
Synopsis: A tragedy/horror looking at the permanence of our mistakes. Essentially a monologue for a strong actor and room to experiment with sound, lighting, costuming ect to portray 'The dark figure'.
Due to public demand, Australia's best loved psychic is back! Jeremy Hanson is bringing his successful interactive show back to our venue for one night only. After an extended hiatus due to a personal tragedy, Jeremy returns to the stage tonight with a much stronger connection to the spiritual world than ever before, one that he hopes to share with you. "My powers always came from a place of grief, Lord knows it affects us in powerful ways. The past was real, however sometimes our memories are not enough, tonight, I offer you something more" - Jeremy Hanson.


The Bed Method 
Synopsis: Some shows are never meant to happen, and this production of Romeo and Juliet is one of them.  When it came to directing actors like Derrick and Miracy, Audrey had a radical plan to “unblock” them, but now she realises that nothing and no-one can save the show from the tyranny of the actors she has cast.


The Magenta Revenge
Synopsis: When a stranger arrives at GARY's house, Gary doesn't know what he wants.  But it soon becomes clear that Gary's girlfriend, NATALIE, knows exactly what she wants—and BRENDAN is there to help her.





Mum: 50-80 - Female

Jack: 20-40 - Male 

Fran: 20-40 - Female 

The Descent 

Jenna: 25-40 - Female

DI Jenkins: 25+ - Any


The Swanry Story 

Henry/Swanry: 20-40 - Male

Marth: 18-40 - Female 

Harry/Harriet: 50-80 - Any

2.0 (Steven): 20-40 - Male


Bisto: 30-40 - Male

Why Am I A Fish?

Tom: 16-25 - Male

Fish: Any - Any 

The Farcical Exhibition Of Hovel and Hume

Hamilton Hume: 20-30 - Male

William Hovell: 30-40 - Male

Henry Angel: 20-30 - Male

Thomas Boyd: 20-40 - Male

Thomas Brisbane: 50+ Male


A Voice from the Past

Jeremy Hanson: Any - Male


The Bed Method

Derrick: 20-30 - Male

Miracy: 30-40 -Female

Audrey: Any - Female


The Magenta Revenge

Gary: 20-30 - Male

Brendan: 20-30 -Male

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