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Wyndham Theatre Company has qualified to have TWO entries (see
below) into the first W.O.M.P.A. (West Of Melbourne Performing Arts)
Short Play Competition. As the performances are to be held on 7 th May,
there isn’t a moment to lose and so without much pomp and ceremony,

we proudly announce:



To be held at

Corner of Synnot St and Duncan’s Road Werribee
On Sunday 19th March, Wednesday 22nd March

Please contact 0414 264 783 (Text is preferred) to book a time or register
your interest at contact page.

“The Last Stretch”

A huge, exciting and international event has locals lining Werribee’s
Watton Street in anticipation of being a part of history. Amongst the
crowd are a post-World War Two family with one youngster already at
school, one on the way and who knows how many more after that. Here
we get to share in their personal experience of the big occasion. It’s a
ring side view with a few comical twists.

Bill – the husband and father, between 25 to 40 years. Provider,
protector and part-time pundit.

Mavis - the wife and mother, between 25 and 40 years. Supportive,
sensible, and sociable.

Honey – their child. Played by a female between 14-15 years plus


“Airs and Manors”


In 1966 Werribee was still getting used to decimal currency, the corner
milkbar still sold fireworks, the RAAF were still nearby and although it
was still the same distance from the GPO (may it rest in peace),
Werribee was still but a tiny country town. And like still waters its
historic secrets ran deep (although now and again certain gases may
have risen to the surface….).
A short farce, “Airs and Manors” has the usual rapid repartee, wrong
assumptions, wise cracks, chases and red herrings; it also contains
accurate local facts, outright lies and just about anything else one can
throw into a strictly ten minute running time. Happily, every character
gets their own moment of outlandish glory in this crazy narrative of
greed, lust, fame, etc etc.


TED – Assistant to ex-con aged anywhere between 30 and 70, from the
‘other’ side of town but has a ‘working knowledge’ of the Western
Suburbs. He has a tendency to pretend he is smarter than he is.

DOYLE – From the ‘other’ side of town, recently out of prison, well-
educated and a bit of a snob. This particular ‘job’ has drawn him out of
his element. Aged 40 to 65.

SGT. CLEM – Whilst well intentioned, has an overwhelming sense of
self-importance, focusing on the ‘little things’ whilst completely missing
the ‘bigger picture’. Aspiring journalist. Aged 35 to 65.

PETER - Mid teens to mid-twenties, shrewd and with a petty criminal
history. Works at the local servo. Might speak with a drawl.

CARMEL – Mid teens to mid-twenties, not well educated but cunning
and possibly from a family with questionable history.

LADY - Aged 35 – 70, has likely lived out in the West all her life. Polite,
petite and ever so pragmatic.


*Please note: Like all good tales, any similarity between real persons, either living or dead

is completely encouraged, denied and 100% coincidental.

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