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We Need a Home!

Wyndham Theatre Company is currently on the lookout for a new home! While we will continue to produce and show great theatre in the Wyndham Cultural Centre and Crossroads Theatres - we are looking for a more 'fixed' solution, where we can rehearse, store some stuff (like our costumes!) and pull-together some of Melbourne's best theatre!

As an example, our 2014 production, The Lion in Winter saw the team rehearse 2-3 a week at Werribee Secondary College, before holding only two complete technical/dress rehearsals at the Wyndham Cultural Centre (We're lucky that we had such a great professional cast that could deliver on such a show)!

Maybe you're a big business with a spare warehouse, or a developer looking to be more involved in the Wyndham Community - either way we'd love to hear from you!

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