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Crossroads Theatre Upgrades


While our theatre has been shut down we have taken the opportunity to do some much needed work at the start of the year with 2 new store rooms one specifically for our tech gear and another for the Crossroads Community. They were built by Alan single handed under strict isolation using donated timbers etc from WTC. This included providing out of site storage for our trusty ladders and hall seating. He also took the opportunity to give the hall a coat of paint as well.

Green Room/Meeting Room

With the new store rooms in place and items moved out of the Green Room Alan set about the Green room with new blinds, tables and chairs and pin boards. Looks a different room.

Security Upgrade

Crossroads has seen an upgrade to its existing security cameras in the carpark and additions to the front entry and auditorium. A nice increase to our security.

Heating and Cooling

We look forward to an upgrade to the site heating with a review ongoing to invest in state of the art split cycle heating and cooling currently under review. This will be finished before the 2021 season. Our cast crew and audiences will greatly appreciate this upgrade.


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