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Say it Out Loud

On February 2nd 2020. Wyndham Theatre Company had a creatively productive session ‘Say It Out Loud’ at Muswell House. So named to reflect the concept that original works (short scripts, stories, poems etc) are brought to the group to be read out loud and constructively worked through and developed.

It was an exciting day. Even though the aim was to target youth - young and old attended which worked incredibly well. So amazing to have such differing points of views and ideas. Some brought their own work, some were there to participate in the process of reading and developing. Time flew which is a good sign. Alaine Beek facilitated the process. Her monologue ‘A Good Coffee’ was included in the mix which went on to win major awards at Arkfest 2020.

The plan is to have a ten week Say it Out Loud programme, targeting youth. Covid-19’s arrival stopped the projectalthough Alaine has since discovered that Zoom is a fantastic platform for script development and would be used as part of the process. As soon as we are able, WTC and Essence will work together to re-introduce this program.


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