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Successful Grant Application - The Scrunch Test

WTC linked with Essence to receive a grant of 5K from Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources, Community Strengthening Grant to support, via funds for set design and build,  a new play ‘The Scrunch Test’ written by Alaine Beek, the professional partner of WTC.  It was scheduled to be performed at our Wyndham Cultural Centre in August this year with the aim of bringing a real Australian story, locally created and produced to the Wyndham community.  The play itself is set Christmas day and is based on the author’s Scottish parents, on Christmas day in Australia.  WTC and Essence would collaborate to make this production a reality - writing workshops, costuming, sound, props and front of house.  Whilst the set will be completed by December this year, we are yet to lock in a new performance space with Wyndham cultural Centre.  We wait in anticipation for restrictions to lift so new dates can be organised.


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