Wyndham Theatre Company

Needs You

We have been part of the performing arts scene in Wyndham for 53 years. After a tough 3 years for performing arts we are back and planning our 2023 season. Its a time of rebuilding so we are looking for volunteers who would lke to be part of our company. We are looking for those interested in working behind the scenes whether part of the committee or part of the many activities which form the back bone of the company whether its Backstage building or painting sets, Lighting and Sound, costmes and props or being part of the front of house team involved in marketing, ticketing, membership or just meeting our patrons on performance nights or helping with auditions and rehearsals. Previous experience is not essential we are happy to help you get involved.


Perhaps you were once part of the company or just retired we would love to hear from you.


 If you are interested in reconnecting with the company or have a first time interest in theatre go to our Contact Page on our website and drop us a line.