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Audition Date: June 11th 2019, 7pm 
Crossroads Theatre, Cnr Duncans Rd & Synnot St, Werribee VIC 3030
Performance Dates will be decided by 5th June and are likely to be in late September. 
We are pleased to announce that we have four short plays we are auditioning for. All the plays below are available to read. 
In My Mother's Words (Written by Alaine Beek)
Read it here.
2 Females
ASHLEY: In her 30s or 40s (depending on age of mother).  She is an energetic busy mother.  Her own mother, Barbara, has been living with Ashley and her husband.  She is a ‘doer’ but is often impatient including her mother who is 80 and is getting frailer.
MARGARET: In 70’s or 80s.  Scottish born, has not had an easy life but has to learnt to make the best of things.  Is getting frustrated with her own increasing frailty and senses her reducing importance within her daughter’s life.
32 Park Lane (Written by Elle Parkinson) 
Read it here.
3 Females/ 1 Male

AMANDA: Playing age 30 +, shy, god fearing woman, has a past but has turned her life around.   


NICOLE: Playing age 30+, Queen B type. Strong and confident. Perhaps gone a little stir crazy in the suburban life she has found for herself. She has some real dark moments in the play.


MICHELLE: Playing age 30+, A normal woman who has found herself in trouble. Always remembers where people have come from. Needs to have a strong emotional range.


JOHN: Playing age 30+, Very small part at the end of the play.

Lucy in the Sky (Written by Tony Layton)
Read it here.
4 Females

GLORIA: Playing age 25+ middle aged Social Worker, the hostel Warden

WENDY: Late 60’s- Early 70s, long-term homeless


MEG: 40's, middle class, not used to street life, a motherly type


ALEXIA: Late teens, early twenties, professional family background, a keen intelligence

Gray Matter (Written by Jeanette D. Farr)
Read it here.
1 Female/ 1 Male

MARGE: Playing age around 60 years old. Well-dressed, middle-class, white woman.

RUSSELL: Playing age around 20 years old African Australian Male. Wears baggy clothes and a baseball cap.

Please Note- if none of the ages are suitable for you, please still contact us as a couple of these pieces are original works and are open to change for the right actor/actress.
Even if none of these parts are relevant to you please still come along to audition as we also plan to have a few monologues in the evening and are also looking for performers for those. 
To register your attendance please fill in the form below and Elle will be in touch with you with audition pieces. We can't wait to see you there!
Audition Form

Which plays and parts would you like to audition for?

In My Mother's Words
32 Park Lane
Lucy in the Sky
Gray Matter

Thanks for submitting! Elle will be in touch.

Audition Form
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